Create a thriving business doing what you love

Do you believe in designing a Passion Business that fits your lifestyle?

You’re driven. You have a big dream. You know you are here to do more than work a 9 to 5.

My purpose is working with inspired entrepreneurs – like you – to create a profitable and thriving business doing what you love!

Meet Ciaara

Hi, I’m Ciaara. I’m on a mission to empower YOU to pursue your passion and live the life you’ve always desired.

Nothing energizes me more than inspiring others to live the life of freedom and fulfillment they’ve always wanted.

Create A Passion Business

A Passion Business is a term I use to describe a business that fills you up, instead of wears you down.

YES, it is possible to build the business of your dreams and enjoy every step along the way.

Too many entrepreneurs try to push their way through their day-to-day.

Building a business shouldn’t have to be so hard. In fact, if each day in your business is a struggle, the chances of your long-term success are slim to none.

I help you clear the emotional and energetic blocks that are keeping you from success in business.  

YES, you can make an amazing income, on your terms, doing the things you love to do.

When you love your work so much, you would do it for free… That’s when you know you’ve found your life’s calling.

What I’ve come to know and learn time and time again with my clients is that it’s not the knowledge or the “how” that keeps them from having success. It’s the emotional and energetic blocks that keeps them stuck where they are.

We will go through an intuitive and gentle process to quickly identify and clear any energetic blocks that are holding you back from the life of your dreams.

Before I discovered this work, each day I had to push my way through my limiting beliefs, in spite of myself. This process often led to burnout, and a lot of emotional ups and downs. Through this intuitive process, I’ve been able to clear every energetic block that comes my way, so that I finally know what it feels like to be unstoppable.

I created the life of my dreams – doing work that truly fuels me and fulfills me. And you can, too.

Check out my video blog posts for quick lessons from around the world and check out my coaching page if you’re ready to make things happen.

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Ciaara has been featured in

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  • “Ciaara was able to use her intuition to find out what was holding me back even though it wasn’t apparent on the surface. I could physically feel the shift after every call.”

    Jasmine LoveAuthor/Entrepreneur - Chicago, IL
  • “Ciaara has completely transformed my business in simplifying and executing in a way that’s a lot more profitable creating time freedom in my life.”

    Olivia KeaneKeane 2 Be Fit
  • “Ciaara always discovers the uniqueness one has to offer, and really pushes great business ideas forward. She has so much more to offer – from technical support, sales consulting, price evaluation to personal coaching.”

    Maggie DouYour Language Trainer
  • “Ciaara has a unique talent that supports in removing subconscious beliefs that are not serving us. I’ve worked with her multiple times to remove and reprogram these thoughts. I can’t have them in the way with all that I’m up too!”

    Bethany LondynCatalyst Consultant and Artist
  • “I’ve know for a long time now there was a block to my success so when I saw Ciaara’s posting I responded. She is totally amazing and helped me so much. I highly recommend her services to anyone that may be struggling”

    Dennis SweetnamKambo Green Solutions


Discover Your Life Purpose

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